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The importance of translation services is obviously clear. Today, most of international corporations are developing real-time translation software and cat-tools.

Microsoft, Skype's parent company, earlier this year unveiled a public preview of its translator tool, and it is straight out of Star Trek. Google Translate has made a large step on that path as well.

Dubai has issued hundreds of licenses for translation agencies last year responding to the market needs and requirements. Very few of them went to be globally due to quality issues. Quality is the most important demand for any translation request either locally or globally, and available agencies are still not on the level where they would be considered as high quality translation providers.

In order to pass quality issues, most agencies apply second or even third review on their already translated works, which causes additional expenses on the client’s account. Other problem should face any translation agency are seeking to be among best is the price competition with small agencies who provide translations same as google translate do.

Clients mostly does not have the experience needed to determine quality level of the translation, and depend mainly on their employees who are speaking same languages. Frankly, that should not be acceptable as specialized people only have the right ability to review translations. Most of people wants literary translation, and that may led to a big conflict for the translator who must be loyal to the original script. It is understandable that translators should make balance between their loyalty to the original script, and literary process of making the translation, but this does not work for all kinds of scripts, for example restaurant’s menus.

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