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Why you have to choose us to be your translation provider!
Because time is money!
Because it's very difficult to find high quality service in the market!
Because no one of our competitors offers you with high quality and efficiency services with such prices.
We take responsibility to safe the environment.
Background - Dubai Translation Services
Background - Dubai Translation Services

George Bernard Shaw

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future."

Finally, Why Us?

More often than not, looking for a good linguist is just like searching for a good doctor! You seek the advice of a doctor because you don’t know the reason of your pain. Likewise, you seek a translator because you don’t know the language. Here you put your life in the hand of the doctor, and there you put your trust/business/interests in the hands of the translator.

As you can’t afford a wrong diagnosis, you can’t afford grave mistakes in presenting your case. With a doctor, it is your body, your health and your life that are on the line. In translation, it is your message, your reputation, your success and, sometimes, even your existence as a business that are on the line.

Over decades in this profession, we have seen so many examples where a case of mistranslation or an ambiguous sentence have led to catastrophic results, lost judiciary cases and extended litigation.

Therefore we say: give your trust only to the best; to those who have put in place a mechanism that eliminates the possibility of committing serious mistakes that can compromise your image or damage your business.

We have put such a mechanism.

First, by using experienced professional translators,

Second, by having senior translators review their work, and

Third, by letting creative, well-rounded editors edit the final product.

This is our promise and our pledge, for long-term partnerships, built on commitment, honesty and trust.